A close up of the side of a whale

What is Citizen Science and how can I help Gotham Whale?

Citizen Science, sometimes also referred to as volunteer monitoring, amateur science, community or crowdsourced science, increases the impact and reach of research projects by inviting the public to participate in data collection, analysis, or reporting. By allowing any curious or concerned person to join in, researchers gain the additional eyes, ears, or helping hands they need to make important scientific discoveries. 

Our WANTED project enlists Citizen Scientists, like you, to record and report marine mammal sightings. When you see a whale, dolphin, or seal in the western NY bight just follow these steps to contribute to our marine mammal research: 

  1. Take a picture or video of the animal.
  2. Record your location. 
  3. Report your sighting by visiting GothamWhale.org/wanted

THAT’S IT! Our research team analyzes each sighting to gather important information such as species, feeding behavior, or individual humpbacks. The data we collect becomes research publications, supports our advocacy initiatives, and help us keep New Yorkers informed about the marine mammals in our area.

In addition to helping us collect data, our Citizen Scientists can help us grow our network of eyes on the water by spreading the word about our WANTED program.