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In Gotham Whale's quarterly newsletter, 'The Gam', you’ll find news, information, and fun content relating to the marine mammals of New York City! Subscribe to stay up to date with the GW Team. Each edition features updates about our research, education, or advocacy projects as well as updates from the water, upcoming events or crew sighting, and more! Browse our archive of past editions below.


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These volumes of The Gam were written and compiled by Beth Anne Miller for Gotham Whale.

January 2023

We've already cataloged our first whale of 2023! Catch the 2022 Season Wrap in this edition of 'The Gam'.  Dr. Merryl Kafka, Director of Education, brings you an update from Science at Sea. Meet our membership manager, Bonnie Crawford. Read about "A Whale of a Night" in support of Gotham Whale.

October 2022

Whale watching season is far from over! How many individual whales have we cataloged and how many whales have returned this season? Find out in this edition of 'The Gam', alongside an update from our Advocacy Team from their trip to Capitol Hill. Gotham Whale was 'sighted' at the National Marine Educators Association annual conference. Meet our Scientific Advisor, Joy S. Reidenberg, Ph.D., and so much more!

July 2022

New research from our team offers insights to the humpback whales off NYC.  Lead by Danielle M. Brown, over 20 organizations collaborated to analyze the population identity, site fidelity, and demographic characteristics of these urban humpback whales. Read about an overnight adventure to Hudson Canyon alongside an update from our advocacy team. Meet the person who makes The Gam possible, our Newsletter Editor, Beth Anne Miller.

April 2022

This edition of The Gam includes news of award-winning photos and a review of the 'Last of the Right Whale' film. Gotham Whale’s lead Humpback Whale Researcher, Danielle M. Brown, and Executive Director Paul L. Sieswerda are co-authors on a recently published research paper by Samantha E. Smith, details inside. Meet our Director of Advocacy, Sarah Ryan Hudson and find out what we're looking forward to this season.

January 2022

Starting with highlights from the 2021 whale watching season, our team has a lot of updates to share! Humpback whale NYC0089, famous for swimming up to Manhattan in Dec 2020, was seen again. Big Whale, Big City, a children's book about a whale's journey to NYC is available now.  Our data coordinator, Joan Smith, explains how our humpback whale research data makes its way to Happy Whale.

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October 2021

Travel with the Gotham Whale team to the offshore Hudson Canyon in this edition of The Gam. This overnight adventure aboard the American Princess brought us sightings of multiple marine mammal and bird species. Next, learn about our commitment to education from Ship to Shore. Meet our Volunteer Coordinator and Research Biologist, David S. Rosenthal and read 'My Aquatic Journey' by intern Alexander Mildener.

A large boat in the water with a rope attached to it.

July 2021

The 2021 Whale Watching Season is off to a great start! Hop aboard a cruise with our team to see lunge-feeding, breaching, and tail-slapping, whales including our celebrity Humpback, NYC0011 aka  'Jerry'. Our Director of Advocacy, Sarah Ryan Hudson, illustrates our work supporting the Oceans Based Climate Solutions Act and other upcoming marine mammal defensive legislation. Meet our official photographer, Artie Raslich, and more whales in the news!

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April 2021

Whale watching season is just around the corner and we're sitting down with American Princess's Captains Tom and Frank! Our Lead Dolphin Researcher, Kristi Ashley Collom, discusses the recent Common dolphin sighting in the East River off Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Meet our Director of Education, Dr. Merryl Kafka, who has devoted her life and career to bringing marine science educational programming to both children and adults.

A whale is swimming in the ocean near shore.

January 2021

Our team brings you a 2020 whale watching season wrap edition of The Gam! Covid may have delayed the kick off cruise but whales have been making headlines. When a Humpback whale swam up to Manhattan, our team was able to identify it as returning whale NYC0089. Meet our Lead Humpback Whale Researcher, Danielle M. Brown, and Research Associate and on-board Naturalist, Celia Ackerman.