Petition: Request to refrain from fishing in the waters of the Western New York Bight

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While we recognize that the Omega Fleet is operating under the current Total Allowable Catch and in waters beyond the NY or NJ State jurisdictions, we would like to request certain restraints on the fishing activity that would conflict with the whales we have been documenting feeding in this area. 

The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission is often cited as determining that there is no local impact on this conflict. A timely survey has yet to be done in this area and we are totally opposed to finding out, by learning after the fact, that there are no more whales in the area.

We therefore request, representing the undersigned, that the Omega Fleet maintain a 20 mile “no fish zone” from the entrance to NY harbor. This would allow a reasonable fishing area while protecting the specific local area where we have been documenting humpback feeding increasingly since 2011.  A voluntary exclusion would be, we think, a demonstration of the company’s willingness to respect other interests.

Please consider this message and let the management know that there is an opportunity to work with groups like ours in a cooperative rather than an adversarial manner.  We believe, and hope the company agrees, that positive public relations have a beneficial effect on the bottom line.

Thank you for the consideration and hope that whales, menhaden, and our common interest of a sustainable fishery can be ensured.


Request to refrain from fishing in the waters of the Western New York Bight

Dear Owners and Directors of Omega Protein And Commissioners of ASMFC

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