Citizen Science

Wanted! Whales of NYC

“ALL EYES ON WATER” for boaters, kayakers, fishermen, and photographers to report sightings of marine mammals in the waters around NYC. Citizen Scientists — Please fill out the Whale and Dolphin Data Sheet below. Please be as specific as possible, as this data is kept on file as database record. Please contact PAUL@GOTHAMWHALE.ORG with any questions!

As thanks for taking part in this crucial work, you will get a coupon for a free beer with every validated entry. More than 10 validated contributions earns a Gotham Whale T-shirt.

    *Images and videos larger than 25mb must be sent to in a separate email.

    Note: personal information is used to validate the contribution and will not be shared.

    Submitted photos or video will become property of Gotham Whale and used for its use. Credits will be given to the submitter.