Whale population rapidly growing off Brooklyn coast

New York City may be called the concrete jungle, but it’s not known for having the most exciting wildlife. Just off the coast of Brooklyn is a trip that is changing that perception

Representing GW: Celia Ackerman

‘Sightings of a lifetime’: Whales and dolphins flock to NYC waters

"Here’s one increase in city traffic that won’t have you pounding a car hood: The waters of our archipelago city have been rife with sightings of marine life all summer long. While sharks have gotten the most attention, pictures of whales, bottlenose dolphins, rays and other underwater urbanites have flooded social media, enchanting beachgoers and dramatically updating perceptions about dirty old New York."...

Representing GW:  Celia Ackerman, Paul Sieswerda 

PRESS RELEASE: Humpback Whales That Visit New York, New Jersey Stay Longer and Visit Again

"Humpback whales spotted along the Jersey Shore and the waters off New York often stay for an extended period of time and return year after year, according to a study co-authored by Rutgers University, Gotham Whale, the Center for Coastal Studies and 21 other organizations in the western North Atlantic."...

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Humpback Whales In New York City’s Harbor | Nightly News Films

Gotham Whale founder, Paul Sieswerda, is on a mission to document the rebounding humpback whale population in the New York City Harbor. Legislation passed in the 1970s, like the Clean Water Act, has contributed to the resurging numbers of the whale population.

Humpback Whales, Subway Microbes, mRNA, and more! | Simply Science

Andrew Falzon visits the whales swimming through NYC’s waters, Ari Goldberg learns about the microbes found on the subways, and more.

Representing GW: Celia Ackerman

On The Bight - Dolphin Watching in NYC | NYU Sight & Sound Documentary

Take to the waters of the New York Bight with Gotham Whale's lead naturalist Celia Ackerman as she, the crew, and their passengers come across short-beaked common dolphins in a rare near-shore encounter.

Dolphin Researchers Look to NYC Whale Watching To Understand Rising Numbers

Local researchers are saying more bottlenose dolphins are migrating to New York City—and gathering in groups larger than previously thought. Many are turning to whale watching ventures to understand what dolphins are up to in the Big Apple.

Representing GW: Celia Ackerman 

Paul Sieswerda – Executive Director of Gotham Whale, and the Author of Big Whale, Big City – Episode 4023

The Outdoor Adventure Series celebrates individuals & families, businesses, and organizations that seek out and promote the exploration, stewardship, and enjoyment of the great outdoors.

The Dolphins and Whales of New York City (with Kristi Collom)

Kristi Ashley Collom is a Senior Research Associate and Dolphin Catalog Manager for Gotham Whale and an acoustic analyst for Wildlife Conservation Society’s New York passive acoustic monitoring research.


Gotham Whale’s Commitment to Education

Gotham Whale was spotted again in Long Island at Hofstra University during the week of July 8, participating in the Annual Conference of the National Marine Educators Association (NMEA), hosted by the NYS Marine Educators Chapter (NYSMEA).

Representing GW: Dr. Merryl Kafka, Alexander Mildener, Dr. Joy Reidenberg

Advocacy Update: We swam over to Washington, DC!

Gotham Whale just got back from Capitol Hill! In order to make the right policy decisions, legislators rely on experts and peer-reviewed research, in addition to what matters to their constituents. Gotham Whale teams up with local and national organizations to protect the marine mammals we study when they’re in our research area and throughout their migration.

Representing GW: Sarah Ryan Hudson, Esq.

(past) Wild Bird Fund Presents the "The Whales of New York City" by Gotham Whale

The waters of New York now are a feeding ground for seals, dolphins, and whales. Come learn about them from our friends at Gotham Whale, a source of education, advocacy, and science for the inhabitants of New York, terrestrial and marine. Register Here.

Representing GW: Paul Sieswerda