The Whale Watcher and Rockaway Ferry boat serves as the platform for Gotham Whale’s research.  During the summer, whale adventure trips are scheduled Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.  The boat leaves Riis Pier at noon and returns by 4 P.M.   SIGN UP TODAY.

Follow their Facebook page to see latest updates and contributions from Citizen Science participants.

See our listing with Responsible Traveler, an international site that recommends wildlife friendly and responsible Eco-tours, worldwide.

Seal Watching trips will begin in January.

Stay tuned for our schedule.

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What kind of American princess tickets are included in the 150$ family membrshi_? Is it the Whale watching? How soon after paying for the membership can these be used?

Paul Sieswerda

Family membership includes 2 adults and 2 children can be used right away, just have to notify the boat that you are using the membership. 1 yr from purchase Info here: https://gothamwhale.org/membership/


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